Networked Urbanism, UABB BIENNALE, China, Ecosistema Urbano



Client: 2015 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture
Date: 2015 – 2016
Status: Completed
Program: Participation in the Radical Urbanism section of the Biennale
Scope: Display of graphic and multimedia material showing 11 pilot projects and the networked urbanism approach
Curators: Alfredo Brillembourg and Hubert Klumpner

Networked Urbanism installation at the UABB Biennale displays a selection of pilot projects exploring physical and immaterial urban improvement, a critical catalog of their urban contexts, the understanding of urban complexity and the new tools developed to address it. The colorful multimedia exhibition displays 10 pilots projects, implemented during the past 10 years in different contexts around the world, but also displays 1 mockup, a real scale version of urban furniture design.

The Networked Urbanism Installation reflects the working method: an overall strategic vision that relies on short term punctual and powerful interventions in specific and emblematic spots (pilot projects), rather than long term and high resources urban strategies. Ecosistema Urbano’s projects empower people and engage citizens in the tangible transformation of the places where they live…

10 pilot projects

In order to enrich the information display, a digital layer is added to the project narration; 5 multimedia dioramas provide an intriguing representation of the following pilot projects: Exuma Garden of Dreams, Dreamhamar, Asunción Open Lab, Voronezh Sea Revitalization, and Encarnación Sustainable Development Territorial Plan. The other 5 pilot projects presented in Networked Urbanism installation are described throughout short movies displayed as holograms, thanks to a DIY fascinating technique. The videos of the projects Ecobulevard, Air Tree Shanghai, Ecópolis Plaza, Energy Carousel, Escuela Febres intervention in Cuenca and Madrid Chair, explain with 3d holograms the complexity of this interventions, showing the different layers and their several possible points of view and configurations.

1 Mockup
Well centered on the main wall of the space lays the message “Customize public space“, surrounded by drawings of the possible configurations of Madrid Chair. In the central area of the exhibition, there are 18 pieces of this flexible and multipurpose urban furniture in red and orange versions allowing visitors to interact and create their own favorite exhibition layout.

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