DREAMHAMAR, hamar, Norway, Ecosistema Urbano



Client: Hamar Kommune
Date: 2011-2013
Status: Built
Program: Participation process and design development for Hamar square.
Scope: Concept, participation process and urban design.

Dreamhamar is a participation and network design process aimed to redesign the public space of Stortorget Square in Hamar, Norway. During 2011-2012, citizens are taking part in a collective brainstorming process that will define their new square. It’s a pioneer approach to the construction of new public spaces or transformation of existing ones, supported by workshops, lectures, urban actions, communication and participation tools.The project involves various stakeholders that become part of the community of Dreamhamar and participate in some of the seven working areas which are currently developed:

URBAN DESIGN, a technical research and urban approach to the public space.
PHYSICAL LAB, a “pop up office” where workshops, lectures, and exhibitions take place.
ONSITE WORKSHOPS, workshops, and lectures led by local and international creative guests to create a large database of the citizen ideas.
URBAN ACTIONS, a way for citizens to experience directly in the public space possible uses of the future square. Mock ups scale 1/1
DIGITAL LAB, participatory web platform linked to social network channels, to follow the weekly broadcasts, online workshops and use the mobile application, dreamhamar.app.
ACADEMIC NETWORK, Dreamhamar as the course case study for universities linked to this global participative brainstorming.
CULTURAL RUCKSACK, students from local schools share their ideas for Stortorget.

Creamhamar/Dreamhamar from Anders Sletten Eide on Vimeo.

Opening ceremony - DreamHamar - Ecosistema Urbano - Norway
photo credits: Christoffer Horsfjord Nilsen

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OneThousandSquare, first proposal for the competition
Presentation video on the model
From Dreamhamar to a new design for Stortorget - The process
JumpHamar! An action involving kids into city life. Outdoor timelapse.
Creative meeting in Madrid

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