Prizes + Awards

Since 2000, ecosistema urbano has received worldwide recognition. Our work has been covered by media networks from over 30 countries, and we have received prizes and awards on more than 50 occasions from numerous international organizations. These accolades include the J.Irwin and Xenia S. Miller Prize, the Holcim Foundation Silver Award for Sustainable Construction, the UN-Habitat award (on 3 occasions), and the European AR Emerging Award, among others. 

2022: Taipei Gold Award Golden Prize for Public Space Design for CLOUDROOM. Taipei City, Tawain.
2020: J.Irwin and Xenia S. Miller Prize by Exhibit Columbus and the Landmark Columbus Foundation
2020: Finalist. Rebuild Advanced Architecture Award. Zennio Technological Innovation Award, Barcelona
2018: Third Prize. DER ANDERE PARK. Urban design and landscape competition. Heidelberg, Germany
2017: First Prize. Premio de Arquitectura Española Internacional 2017. Urbanismo. CSCAE.
2017: Curry Stone Design Prize. Can Design Reclaim Public Space?
2017: First Prize Int. Competition. New waterfront and Banyan Garage for West Palm Beach, Florida.
2016: Finalist GUANGZHOU Award for URBAN INNOVATION. Master Plan Asuncion, Paraguay. China. 
2016: Finalist Shore to Core. Urban Regeneration competition. West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
2016: CUENCA RED: Mention. RI.U.SO. 05 Award – Rigenerazione Urbana Sostenibile, CNAPPC, Italia.
2016: CUENCA RED: Finalist 2016 Taipei International Design Award Public Space Design Category
2014: Dreamhamar awarded as BEST PRACTICE by the United Nations-HABITAT Programme 2014
2014: First Prize. Strategy for the future of the Voronezh Reservoir, Russia.
2014: First Prize. Master Plan for the rehabilitation of the historic downtown of Asunción, Paraguay.
2014: Shortlisted for the competition: Strategy for the future of the Voronezh Reservoir, Russia.
2014: Commendation. Ibero-American Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism. Book: Dreamhamar
2014: 4th Prize. Réaménagement du bord de mer – Libreville, République Gabonaise.
2013: Second Prize. Mediterranean Sustainable Architecture 2013. Plaza Ecópolis.
2013: Sustainable Construction Prize Castilla y León. Plaza Ecópolis
2013: Plaza Ecopólis as BEST PRACTICE by the United Nations-HABITAT program
2013: Silver Award Public Space 2013 Taipei International Design Award. Dordrecht energy carousel
2013: Commendation at the International Competition Get a bike Oslo!
2013: Finalist Bienal Española de Arquitectura y Urbanismo. Dreamhamar, Hamar Norway.
2012: First Prize. Competition for the Reggio Children School, Reggio Emilia, Italy
2012: First Prize. Albertslund Syd housing renovation, Copenhagen (in collaboration with Vandkunsten)
2012: Shortlisted. International Competition for the relocation of the historic center of Kiruna, Sweden
2011: 1st Prize for the International Competition for Hamar Square, Hamar, Norway
2011: 1st Prize Competition The city of the new technologies for Gran Via commons. Madrid, Spain.
2011: SEMIFINALIST. Buckminster Fuller Challenge, USA
2010: Short-listed for the International Competition for Hamar Square, Hamar, Norway
2010: Commendation for International Competition Ottopark, Berlin
2010: Prize-winning for the construction of an Unconventional Playground in Dordrecht, Netherlands
2009: Third Prize for Madrid German College working with Sauerbruch&Hutton
2009: Silver Award EUROPE from the Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction
2008: Ecobulevar awarded as a GOOD PRACTICE by the United Nations-HABITAT program
2008: Honourable Mention. Ecobulevar urban project. ASPRIMA (Real Estate Association of Madrid)
2008: First Prize Arquia/Proxima 2008. Ecobulevar de Vallecas. Fund. Caja de Arquitectos. Spain
2008: 2nd Prize ARI Pez-Luna urban design. Madrid
2008: 2nd Prize MATADERO Plaza in Madrid
2008: 2nd Prize EUROPAN 9 competition for young architects. Linz, Austria
2007: AR AWARD as an Emerging architect in London. Ecobulevar project.
2007: selected for the European Mies Van der Rohe Award as ‘Emergent Architect’.
2007: selected for Zumtobel award 2007 for Humanity and Sustainability in Arch. and Built Environment.
2007: 1st Prize Competition for the Regional Pavilion (Galicia) in EXPO2008 ZGZ
2007: 2nd phase “Rimesse in Gioco/Depositi di Idee“ in Roma
2007: Honourable Mention. Intermediae Experimental Art Center in Madrid
2006: First Prize. Madrid’s Enor Architecture Prize 2005, EcoBulevar urban project. Spain.
2006: First prize FORESTALIA award for sustainable construction with wood materials in Galicia Region
2006: Honourable Mention. XX Premios de Urb., Arq. y Obra Pública. Ecobulevar. City of Madrid.
2006: Mention by “Architectural Association & EES’s ENvironmental Techtonics Competition” in London
2006: Honourable Mention for the Ecobulevar project at the ITC Tubular
2006: Commendation. XVIII Premio Asturias de Arquitectura. COAA. Oviedo, Spain.
2006: 1st Prize European EUROPAN 8 competition for young architects. Maribor, Slovenia
2006: 2nd Prize Int. Competition Urban regeneration of downtown Philadelphia. URBAN VOIDS
2006: Honourable mention. Ideas competition for Exhibition Space. Architects Association of Madrid.
2005: European Acknowledgement Award from the Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction
2005: Third Prize Ideas competition for High School IES SON FANGOS in Manacor, Mallorca
2004: 1st Prize. Ecoboulevard of Vallecas. Pilot project of the EU.
2004: Honourable Mention EUROPAN 7 competition young architects. Prague, Czech Republic.
2001: Honourable Mention EUROPAN 6 competition young architects. Bilbao, Spain.
2003: Finalist, Social housing Ideas Competition. Generalitat of Catalunya + Coac. Bcn, Spain.
2003: Finalist, Social housing Ideas Competition. Emvs+ Coam. Madrid, Spain.
2000: Honourable mention, Competition for young architects. Housing for the young, promoted by EPSA
2000: 2nd Prize Int. Competition 3 esquinas de La Habana for social housing. Habana Vieja, Cuba.
2000: Commendation. Int. Compet. 3 esquinas de La Habana for social housing. Habana Centro, Cuba.
2000: Honourable Mention. Competition for the refurbishment of an old Flour Factory in Albacete, Spain
2000: 2nd Prize. Andén 2000 Design new furniture AVE train stations. Fund. Ferrocarriles Esp. Spain.
2000: 1st Prize. Design Competition for Roca interiors.

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