Client: Municipality of Encarnación
Date: 2015 – 2016
Status: Completed
Program: Urban and Territorial Planning and Sustainable Development Plan for the city
Scope: Strategy and Development of Plans

Encarnacion is a regional node of great importance: the city is part of a bi-national network of cities gravitating around Lake Dam Yasyreta. The relationship between the city and the lake, characterized by its peculiar hydrological and environmental systems, and its recently built infrastructure, makes of Encarnacion a unique case in waterfront cities.

“Encarnación Más” is the name of the complex and extensive process that led to the development of a “Sustainable Development Plan” and a “Urban and Regional Plan” for the city of Encarnación. Responding to the needs of the city and the challenges encountered, “Encarnación Más” proposes a program based on 12 strategies that contain a number of specific actions to transform the urban and social reality of the entire district.

The plan aims to be more than a conventional Territorial Planning, in addition to the development of these two plans, participatory and open development process is undertaken and an active and creative environment has been built around it. We propose a process that leads towards concrete actions in the city and its surrounding area through a series of Pilot Projects, showing positive and tangible signals of transformation to citizens in a very direct and quick way.

“Encarnacion Mas” during more than a year of continuous work with citizens, has been innovating the very definition of urban planning and pioneering new forms of participation and design. We have managed to plan the Encarnación of the future together with all people that wanted to participate, moving away from the closed and technocratic model that is normally associated with this kind of regional planning.

Web page of the project: encarnaciónmas.com

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