Client: Art Institute Chicago
Date: 2015
Status: Completed
Program: Dreamhamar is part of the exhibition Chatter: Architecture Talks Back
Scope: Design and display of the Dreamhamar section of the exhibition.

We were invited by the Art Institute of Chicago, the second largest museum of United States after the Metropolitan Museum of Art, to participate in the exhibition Chatter: Architecture Talks Back. The exhibition explores the new possibilities that technology offers to communication in architecture, aiming to establish an ideal dialogue between architecture’s present and past. The thesis of the exhibition is that Chatter is the new way for architects to communicate their ideas; social media as Twitter and Instagram are nowadays working tools for architects to produce and present their work.

In this framework, we were invited to exhibit our project Dreamhamar in the Gallery 283, in the section curated by Iker Gil, Director of the design publication Mas Context. In this part of the exhibition, that explores the multiple ways in which architecture can be communicated, our work represented the section “Empowering”, one of the concepts used to support the thesis of this part of the exhibition, together with “Challenging”, “Satirical” and “Collective”.

The projects presented in this space were produced by a range of practitioners worldwide: Over, under and pinkcomma; Mimi Zeiger & Neil Donnelly; Koldo Lus Arana (Klaus); Project_ with Sarah Hirschman; 300.000km/s with Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona; Luis Úrculo; and Christopher Baker.

Curators: Karen Kice and Iker Gil

Photos: David Schalliol

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