Client: Municipalidad de Asunción y Secretaría Nacional de Cultura.
Date: 2014
Status: Completed
Program: Participation strategies to involve children and teenagers in the Master Plan for Asunción
Scope: Design of workshop and workshop material and definition of the involvement tools

In the framework of the Masterplan for the Historic downtown of Asunción, we propose a kit of tools in order to facilitate the involvement of kids in the participation process related to the urban project. The participation kit is designed as a series of A4 printable papers and it will be spread in the schools of the city of Asunción.

The aims of the participative activity are:

Incline children and teenagers towards the urban development of their city through reflection and creativity, making them more aware of what is happening around them and improving their own ability to understand and intervene in it.

Involve both children and their families. The activities in which kids participate and the results they generate, attract the interest of parents and other family members who otherwise may not have the opportunity to approach the ongoing process of the Masterplan.

Communicate the results; by this way it’s possible to channel the regenerative and exciting potential of imaginative eyes of children, able to bring freshness and friendliness to a process people see as “serious” and complex.

Moreover two specific results are reached:

Individual Creations: Obtaining creations through a manual or artwork is a way to understand how each child sees the city. These contributions will be useful as feedback for ecosistema urbano design team.

Collective Installation: The individual creations are designed so that, once finished, can be combined to create a larger installation of interesting and attractive design, to be exhibited in a building of the Historical Center of Asunción.

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