Client: Ecosistema Urbano.
Date: 2014
Status: Published
Scope: A narration of the DREAMHAMAR participatory process and design project

Dreamhamar – a network design process for collectively reimagining public space
Published by: Lugadero
Edited by: Ecosistema Urbano
Distribution: Lugadero

After ending the participatory process and collecting a huge amount of material and inputs from the different stakeholders during the different activities, we decided to publish a book in order to narrate the participatory process and how it shaped the final urban design.

The book aims to show in detail all the steps that were undertaken and the contributions of the participants involved during the years of the project´s development. It is the most direct way to illustrate and disseminate the innovative experience of Dreamhamar as a case study and to propose generic participation tools that can easily be reused for any Dream your City project.

The text of the book is both in English and Norwegian.
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