Client: Private
Date: 2003
Status: Built
Scope: Design, construction documents and construction follow up

This house is addressed as a contemporary review of models of vernacular architecture, particularly a granary with a glass gallery, as well as the use of wood in the structure and cladding. It was approached as a combination and reinterpretation of formal and constructive typologies of traditional architecture of northern Spain.

Fully adapting to the climatic conditions, the implantation completely respects the existing trees on the site. Architecture is understood as a reversible operation, minimizing its impact on nature.

The façade is designed by means of a combination of two types of wood (North Pine and Douglas Pine). This random combination allows these two different elements to blend with the landscape, like bark on a new tree.

Position, geometry and folds adapt to the local climate and solar orientation. The double height is not a spatial or compositional issue, but it is a bioclimatic device for regulating the thermal function of the house, acting as a temperature regulator.


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