Client: AEMET
Date: 2003
Status: Accomplished
Program: Refurbishment of a XIX building inside the Historical Park of the Retiro Transformation into the Meteorological museum
Scope: Design, construction document

Reactivation of a historical building set in the heart of Retiro Park in Madrid. Having been emptied out, a new science-related public space was inserted, with the purpose of recovering the park’s tradition of constructing buildings dedicated to science.

Our action focuses on replacing the roof with a skylight-periscope-kaleidoscope, which creates the only inside-outside connection of the building. This prismatic and crystal-like skylight reclaims, in essence, the historical tradition of creating structures that always house great “magical” artifacts on the roof; such as the optical telegraph or other large instruments for geodesic observation.

Meterological Museum in Retiro Parl, Madrid by Ecosistema Urbano


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