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Client: Louisiana, Museum of Modern Art
Date: 2009
Status: Realised
Program: Laboratory for the exhibition “Green architecture for the future”
Scope: Design, management and construction follow up

At the invitation of Louisiana contemporary art museum in the city of Copenhagen, we developed the first phase of the project What if …? Cities, which consists of an exhibition about the present and the future of cities and a web platform that invites professional and citizens worldwide to contribute with their own ideas to improve cities, becoming an active part of the exhibition.

www.whatifcities.com aims at generating databases of ideas by people from different areas of the city, who bring their own vision for an alternative urban future.

Animation. What if ...? Cities, Exhibition, Ecosistema Urbano

Animation 2. What if ...? Cities, Exhibition, Ecosistema Urbano

Animation 3. What if ...? Cities, Exhibition, Ecosistema Urbano


intro from ecosistemaurbano on Vimeo.

Architecture & Landscape from ecosistemaurbano on Vimeo.

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territory mobility from ecosistemaurbano on Vimeo.

Environment Resources from ecosistemaurbano on Vimeo.

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