Client: Fredensborg Municipality
Date: 2012
Status: Shortlisted competition entry
Program: Master Plan for Kokkedal, Fredensborg
Scope: Water management, urban planning, technical and social adaptation

The Competition ‘Climate Change Adaptation in Kokkedal” sought a vision for a more coherent and socially sustainable suburb, that would connect the management of stormwater and flooding with the creation of high quality public spaces for social gatherings.

Our proposal, ‘Kokkedal Sprouts’, devises a new stormwater management system for new communities through a number of initiatives. A key element is the creation of a new edible landscape, where rainwater is used to grow vegetables, herbs, fruits and berries.

The ambition is to let the community gather around activities like cultivating crops, cooking, and enjoying meals together.

Kokkedal Sprouts works on different levels / with different tools:

People + Identity: Food not only connects us with other people, it links us to traditions and culture – our own and those of others we come to appreciate through the flavors and aromas of the meals we share together. It opens up our understanding of other cultures and lifestyles and it creates a common ground where everyone feels comfortable.

Economy + Development: The aim of Kokkedal Sprouts is not to create a strict or static plan in which everyone has to follow certain rules. Rather, it is more about creating the conditions for something to happen: a framework and a set of rules to help organize a self-determined, evolving process that engages with the different stakeholders in the community. Our aim is to create a place, not a design. And the proposal goes beyond the physical layout, as it also creates other opportunities: networking, education, employment, etc.

This proposal was developed together with Spectrum Arkitekter (DK).


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