Client: Intermediae Matadero
Date: 2009
Status: Completed
Program: Participation in the collective art project ALTERPOLIS (Curator: Arturo Franco)
Scope: Design, strategy management and implementation

Learning how to create a playful urban environment from kids.

Is it utopian to turn the city into a field of experimentation and play?

Is it possible to integrate the different areas that make up the public space to avoid the fragmentation affecting contemporary cities?

From our point of view, the contemporary city should be rethought as a transformation of the present reality around us rather than a new reality to be built from scratch.

We understand that this transformation should operate essentially from the public space. Public space must be reclaimed by those who make the most unprejudiced and free use of it: children. Just looking through children’s eyes we will be able to rediscover the city and transform it from a structural, and not merely aesthetic, point of view.

The city as playground, madrid, ecosistema urbano, civic engagement, placemaking, GIF


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