Client: Fundación Telefónica
Date: 2010
Status: Completed
Program: “Laboratorio Gran Vía”, exhibition to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Gran Vía St.
Scope: Concept, display design and management

Can a physical space imitate the conditions provided by the exchange and interaction that occurs between users of the Web?

With Gran Vía Commons, based on the Gran Vía in Madrid, we created the prototype of an innovative OPERATIVE SYSTEM that could be applied to any city in the world.

The main objective is to create a cultural landscape with the same innovative self-organizing processes and exchange as are generated on the Internet. A common and shared landscape, where every citizen can reproduce the endless initiatives of the network, but starting from the physical space this time.

What if every user of the Gran Vía were to act as a potential trigger of processes and collective creation dynamics?

What if the Gran Vía were again to become an urban space where citizens could have a unique experience?

Gran Via Commons explores the mechanisms and physical possibilities which enable these new connections and interactions to happen.