Client: Fondazione Reggio Children Centro – Loris Malaguzzi
Date: 2013
Status: Built
Program: Building the new experimental Educational Centre
Scope: Design, construction document, Energy strategy and construction follow up

The Atelier School – Laboratory of experimental pedagogies.

An innovative, experimental, evolving pedagogy needs a spatial support that promotes real interactions and synergies between users and their environment. The atelier school works like a stage where students are protagonists of a constantly evolving story, they are the actors, but also produce “the scene”, in a space where they are continuously learning by doing. Spaces are expandable and transformable, having “in between” zones without pre-defined uses, creating unexpected and inspiring situations.

Diagram, REGGIO CHILDREN SCHOOL, Ecosistema Urbano

The bioclimatic functioning has an educational role, with the students as responsible for their seasonal changes. A design adapted to climatic conditions that first relies on passive environmental control techniques to minimize power consumption.

Bioclimatic conditioning, REGGIO CHILDREN SCHOOL, Ecosistema Urbano

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