Client: Xunta de Galicia
Date: 2008
Status: Competition 1st prize.
Program: Galicia Pavilion for the International Exhibition in Zaragoza
Scope: Concept and design

In Galicia, there are many different forms of water – the sea, the ocean, rivers, springs, rain, dew… It is not necessary to insist on its quality nor its abundant presence. Water is present in all the elements that form the landscape of Galicia. Water is its sustenance and its wealth. It is its soul and its reason for being. The pavilion is a way for Galicia to pay homage to water.

To demonstrate this wealth, we will present the different waters in Galicia by bringing them all to the pavilion, each with their own specifications, colours and qualities. There are 315 municipalities in Galicia, each one having a very close relationship with the water that runs across its territory.

These waters tell stories about families, villages, cultures, and industries. We propose the collection of 24 samples of water (sea, river, tap, spring, fountain, etc) from every municipality. We will bottle them in air-tight recycled PET containers and label them to show where they come from, and provide information about their chemical composition. The containers will be stacked to create a wall of bottled water. This will represent the full range of waters in Galicia: a bottled territory.


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