Client: Public Competition
Date: 2020
Status: Submitted
Program: Cover archaeological remains and generate public space
Scope: Bioclimatic design

The Murcia plaza is our design for a square open to the city and equipped to favor urban life. Resting above archaeological remains, the square connects a historical plot with new uses –physical activity, creativity and culture, play, new technologies, gastronomy, etc– that bring a new life to the public space.

The square is characterized by multiple unique and complementary spaces. There are both large open areas without any spatial constraints and hubs covered by ceramic domes, which are bio-climatically conditioned spaces that, together with their thematic content, will generate diverse atmospheres and microclimates.

All spaces are net energy zero and energetically self-sufficient, meaning they have the potential to produce more energy than they use. In fact, the ceramic vaults are equipped with photovoltaic panels integrated into their structure and they employ passive cooling systems. The vaults are also planted with hanging gardens of native species that contribute to the thermal regulation of these micro-spaces, reinforce local identity and minimize the demand on water resources. That said, due to Murcia’s low rate of rainfall, a system has also been configured to collect and recycle rainwater, satisfying any irrigation needs that arise. 

The ceramic vaults  adapt to different orientations and conditions, favoring the passage of light in the north orientation and in the south, allowing the sun to pass through even during the winter. The vaults also cover the perforations over the ruins, guaranteeing the waterproofing of the ruins while also allowing them to be open to necessary elements, such as air flow. Only in very hot and humid conditions where passive cooling isn’t possible are sensor-controlled fans employed to ensure the maintenance of the ruins. 

Throughout the light structures, awnings can be converted into projection opportunities, allowing users to connect digitally with the space.


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