MADRID CENTRO, Ecosistema Urbano



Client: Municipality of Madrid
Date: 2009-2010
Status: Completed
Program: Strategic Project for the Center of Madrid
Scope: Ecosistema Urbano was focused in the Environmental proposal for the city

The Strategic Project for the Center of Madrid, led by the Municipality of the Capital, has provided the opportunity to test a new approach capable of addressing the urban challenges of globalization, climate change and social transformation through the revitalization of the existing city.
The project adopts the enhancement of social, economic, spatial and symbolic values of Madrid Centre as a strategic perspective, developing an understanding of the city from the actual processes that shape it, rather than exclusively from its regulations.

The project was directed by Jose MarĂ­a Ezquiaga and Juan Herreros, and developed together with a team of consultants, being Ecosistema Urbano in charge of the Environment section.

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