Client: CDTI- Industrial Center for Technological Development
Date: 2007-2010
Status: Research Completed
Program: Research and design of the ECO-TECHNO-LOGICAL city
Scope: Industrialized solutions, technical definition, coordination with other companies

The ECO-TECHNO-LOGICAL city is a research project co-financed by the CDTI and developed by a consortium of companies. The aim is to define a steel-based industrialized housing unit and urban habitat, to optimize and improve existing solutions in the market.

ECO-TECHNO-LOGICAL city, Ecosistema Urbano, GIF

New technologically advanced coatings with power generation capacities and the inclusion of sensors and other instrumentation elements of ambient intelligence were part of the proposal.

Thermal and electrical generation systems based on renewable energies were integrated both within the constructive components and within the building.

Ecosistema Urbano focused on the definition of the housing unit and urban scale design, coordinating the different solutions and systems developed by partner companies.

Other companies participating:
ArcelorMittal, ACCIONA Energía Solar, Tectum Ingeniería, AST Ingeniería, Agencia de Ecología Urbana de Barcelona, etc…

ECO-TECHNO-LOGICAL city, Modules, Ecosistema Urbano, GIF


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