Client: Municipality of Wien
Date: 2015
Status: Shortlisted competition entry
Program: Urban development and waterfront reactivation of the Neue Copa Cagrana area
Scope: Masterplan, definition of urban strategies and activity plan

The study area is located next to Donau City, on the left bank of the new Danube Canal, Neue Donau, passing through the city of Vienna. It is a neighborhood of mainly tertiary character with office buildings of great height, developed in the last 20 years, including the Vienna International Centre.

Seeking to achieve four main objectives (Increase density and urban mixed use, Create new urban spots, Renaturing, Define a digital Identity) the proposal creates 5 areas acting together and related to each other:

Vienna Waterfront Reactivation, City Splash by Ecosistema Urbano. GIF

Zone C+: Infiltration city
The energy of city life will splash towards Donau City and the urban plinth will extend its limits to bring activity and reconfigure the public spaces around the corporative and residential buildings. These urban tentacles will extend urban plinth limits with linear and small scale pavilions, pop-up stores and cafes, etc. reconnecting and renewing the pedestrian pathways of the Donau city.

Zone C: Social life city
Zone C proposal is the most powerful urban energy boost, since it brings an enormous amount of overlapped new programs and public spaces easily accessible at different levels.

Zone B: nature city
This is a zone where nature is predominant and the urban plinth is melting its limits with the landscape. At the same time, the natural character of this area helps to make the transition between the bigger, urban scale of zone C and both the lower scale of zone B and the waterscape towards Donauinsel, combining natural areas with paths for soft mobility.

Waterfront Reactivation from day to night gif

Zone A: Leisure city
Leisure cityscape to allow the transition between the formal city and the vibrant and ever changing new waterscape of zone C+. It will hold multiple permanent uses but also temporary programs and seasonal activities. There are multiple temporary and permanent uses in small buildings with similar language, as well as a new riverside walk that will extend to create a comfortable linear space and large enough for pedestrians. The relationship with water and the elevation difference will be resolved with a wooden platform that will act as an urban sofa to relax and enjoy the presence and proximity of the river.

Zone A+: Water city
Vibrant and ever changing waterscape in continuous evolution. It will extend the activities of the new urban spot towards the water.

Vienna waterfront reactivation schedule by Ecosistema Urbano

The project has been developed together with the Austrian urban design firm

You can download the original competition panels here:
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