CHAPULTEPEC URBAN PARK, Mexico City, Ecosistema Urbano



Client: Environment Secretariat of the Government of Mexico City.
Date: 2009-2010
Status: Commission
Program: Urban strategy to restore the water storage area of the city and turn it into a public space.
Scope: Director of the strategic plan.

The Natural History Museum in Chapultepec Park, Mexico City is undergoing a profound process of infrastructure upgrading. Along with Section II of the park, there are four concrete tanks receiving all the water in Mexico City prior to distribution to the public.
The proposal aims to reuse these four tanks to allocate new programs: education, sports, entertainment, and playgrounds.
Lightweight, demountable structures connect the different elements without overbearing the existing concrete tanks.
Moreover, these interventions provide several conditions for butterflies to remain in the park thus the project attempts to recover the biotope status of the park that is conducive to their return.