Client: Zaragoza Expo 2008
Date: 2005
Status: Competition
Program: Water park integrated in the new development of Zaragoza Expo
Scope: Concept and design

The project deals with the ethereal and immaterial, that which is beyond what is visible.

Architecture as management of energy resources (water, wind and sun) becomes the city’s driving force, shifting from the mere superficial transformation of the landscape to a more profound functioning system.

The image of the Water Park is defined by a network of technological elements which are responsible for putting in action a complex atmospheric, hydraulic and social system that manages simultaneous processes for the generation of energy, water treatment, irrigation, artificial flooding and leisure activities; in short, all the levels at which the Park operates. We intend, within such an “unsustainable” event like a World Expo, to demonstrate that nature can turn all levels of urban waste into a new resource for the city.

Animation Waterpark Expo 2008 Zaragoza, Ecosistema Urbano, GIF


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