Client: Interamerican Development Bank
Date: 2021
Status: Completed
Program: Capacity building
Scope: Create a structure and start a governmental office dedicated to the sustainable management of the Unesco World Heritage site of the city

On July 20, 2020, an online inter-institutional workshop was held with various stakeholders related to the Valparaiso World Heritage Site (WHS). The workshop, which took place over 2 days divided into 3 sessions, was a creative brainstorming session to collect the group’s concerns and proposals around 5 specific thematic axes:

  1. Identity and Culture
  2. Society and Governance
  3. Ecology and Resources
  4. Healthy Public Space and Mobility
  5. Economy and Technology 

Months later, on January 26, 2021, a second online workshop was held with the objective of giving continuity to the work done and to be able to advance the conclusions. The specific purpose of this session was to continue the efforts of the previous workshop and try to build a common vision among the participants of the World Heritage Site, prioritizing specific actions for its development and integral improvement. 

Both workshops were complementary: the results of the first workshop, collected in the extensive report that followed, were fundamental to understanding the concerns of the participants in the second workshop. 

In the “Next Steps” section of the report, we advance a proposed roadmap for the development of the SPM. The roadmap was not clearly established in the conversation, but is presented here as a complement to the conversation, extracted from it and with an indicative purpose, to serve as a preliminary guide for possible next steps.


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