Client: Municipality of Seoul
Date: 2008
Status: Shortlisted Competition
Programme: Taekwondo Arena in Seoul
Scope: Concept design and development

For this project, we considered an alternative to the traditional notion of a stadium, designed as a construction commonly associated with concepts such as invariability and the massive footprint on natural terrain. The proposed model, by contrast, is connected with concepts such as flexibility, process, and lightness, as well as the idea of cohabitation with the natural environment without compromising the future of long-term placemaking.

The Transformer Taekwondo Arena, as a version of “instant city”, offers a changing image, able to adapt to user needs and environmental conditions at the time.

The stadium is conceived as a series of layers suspended on the ground, crowned with the main public space where visitors can freely move through an undetermined boundary between interior and exterior to emphasize its proximity to the landscape.

Animation, Transformer Taekwondo Arena, adaptive architecture, ecosistema urbano,


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