Client: Pradera
Date: 2012
Status: Concept Design
Program: Renovation strategy for a shopping mall in the outskirts of Barcelona
Scope: Concept, branding strategy, interior design

The economic framework requires new responses to the current urban challenges. We are requested to present ideas for designing a more appealing facade for a shopping mall in the outskirts of Barcelona. However, at Ecosistema urbano we believe it is not a ‘skin’ problem, but a deeper one, that is more connected to a new and global reality and economic scenario. For that reason, our proposal goes deeper into the redefinition of the concept of shopping mall itself, the experience it can provide to the customers, and how it can differentiate from other similar and predictable buildings in the area.
Today we must think about the customer, not as a mere consumer, but as a loyal customer who seeks and deserves a positive experience when visiting the center. Promoting the idea of public space in a privately owned building is a conceptual challenge, which goes against the very definition and aims of a mall. But this new economic reality requires a rethinking of the precepts that have worked so far, opening up new possibilities and strategies that were inconceivable before.