Client: World Bank Group
Date: 2019-2020
Location: Osh and Uzgen, Kyrgyzstan
Status: Completed
Program: Enhance regional economic development through targeted interventions in selected sectors in the Osh Region
Scope: Participatory processes and urban design schemes, including strategic approach and design criteria, and proposals pilot projects.

The Regional Economic Development Project is a collaboration with the World Bank for two cities in the Kyrgyz Republic, Osh and Uzgen. In order to make Osh and Uzgen more attractive tourist destinations, we investigated and identified diverse opportunities for urban interventions. This was done through three stages. At the urban development vision level, we pinpointed key urban uses, areas of interest, structural connections and potential projects in both cities. Next, a series of integrated urban design schemes articulate diverse typologies of space, from historical sites to parks and public facilities.

Onsite documentation visits and myriad participatory workshops –with schools, universities, institutions and stakeholders– inspired Kyrgyz to get involved in the shaping of their cities. The result was an integrated investment program through a shortlist of projects –parks, roads, infrastructure, etc.– and urban design concepts that can pave the way for reimaging urban life in Osh and Uzgen.


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