Intermediae Prado, Madrid, Ecosistema Urbano



Client: Municipality of Madrid
Date: 2007
Status: Competition
Program: Transformation of an old Industry into a new technologies building for research and public activities.

Intermediae 2.0 is a physical materialization of the concept of web 2.0. The Web 2.0 is a way of understanding the internet in which the organization and the flow of information depends upon the behavior of people who use it, allowing, not only a much easier access to centralized contents, but also the participation of users in both the classification of the contents as well as in its creation.
Web 2.0 is oriented towards the interaction and social networks using content that boosts the effects of the network and creates interactive links which act more like meeting points for users than as traditional sites where use is static and unidirectional.

Intermediae 2.0 is a concentration point: a catalyst where virtual networks of international cultural production converge. It is a place where virtual communication meets with a specific physical space.

Intermediae 2.0 is both a physical space and a digital space, as well as the connection between the two.