Client: Interamerican Development Bank
Date: 2019
Status: Completed
Program: Capacity Building
Scope: Creating an agenda for the digital development of Santiago de Chile

Approach and Objectives:

The objective of the AMSZO and the IDB with the organization of the Digital Agenda 2028 Conference was to create a space for reflection and work that would inspire thinking about a common development agenda for the three municipalities. To this end, managers and technicians from Lo Barnechea, Vitacura and Las Condes were invited to meet for two days, combining one day with lectures and short talks and another day of work in workshop format. 

This document is the synthesis of the results of this collaboration. We hope that the reflections, strategies and initiatives synthesized here will serve as a basis for the development of the Digital Agenda 2028 among the three municipalities. As detailed below, the emphasis of the event was on smart and inter-municipal, with all other topics being addressed from the intersection of these two perspectives.

Smart Cities, Smart Citizens:

What do we mean when we add the term “smart” to the city? What can technology bring to the management of urban development? What kind of initiatives can we tackle together to create a smarter territory?

These are some of the questions that motivated the organization of this conference, in which different visions and experiences were shared around the concept of smart city. This allowed attendees to assess the opportunities that technology can provide for improved quality of life, transparency, integration, reduction of costs and environmental impacts. The term “smart citizens” alludes to the cooperation, participation and empowerment of people in the daily management of their city. It allowed us to explore the limits, difficulties or issues that are still pending in this quest.

Integration and Intermunicipal Focus:

In addition to the debate around smart cities and thematic aspects such as mobility, security, participation and urban data, this embryo of the Digital Agenda 2028 is crossed by the desire to promote inter-municipality, understood in three complementary ways: 

  • The planning and coordination of strategies and initiatives around objectives common to the three municipalities.
  • The search for ways to communicate and collaborate in shared initiatives.
  • The way of creating management frameworks, financing and aggregate resources for the development of joint initiatives.

In some points of the text, to reinforce the message, the term “intermunicipal” or “intercommunal” is included, but the rest of the themes, areas, strategies and proposals must be considered equally affected by this clear intention to integrate systems, projects, plans, processes and data between municipalities.


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