Client: Municipality of Madrid
Date: 2007
Status: Completed
Program:  Bioclimatic urban strategy to improve public spaces in downtown Madrid.
Scope: Concept of the strategic plan.

Madrid is a lively, vibrant city, with lots of activities held in its public spaces.

However, during the summer the city reaches high temperatures of up to 40º C, which combined with low humidity levels, make the outdoors experience really uncomfortable in the daytime. This situation drains activity from the public scene, making people stay indoors, with air conditioning and shade.

A series of low-cost, low-tech interventions have been developed to improve and upgrade the climatic comfort and conditions of the network of public spaces in Madrid.

Bioclimatic improvement Strategy for public spaces, Madrid, Ecosistema Urbano, Urban activation Strategies

Five strategies were identified to tackle this issue:

UNIFY: Transforming fragmented and discontinuous space to provide universal access to all public spaces.

CONCENTRATE: Redefining urban elements for a more rational use, optimizing resources and elements.

RENATURALIZE: Incorporating natural elements into the urban regeneration process.

CONDITIONING: Using natural and economic elements and systems to create artificial climatic comfort.

ACTIVATE: Promoting and intensifying activity. Designing open web tools capable of activating public space.


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