Client: Ecosistema Urbano
Date: 2010
Status: Ongoing
Program: Digital tool, mobile application
Scope: Design, management and boosting

local_in is a digital tool designed to promote urban participatory and collective creativity processes facilitating consultation, exploration and visualization tasks of a great variety of data.

It’s a web and mobile application designed for geolocated message publishing: users write their ideas, opinions, proposals or concerns in 140 characters and classify them by category, tag, and location so that they can be viewed, rated and shared in real time. It can be implemented in different contexts and scales in which you may want to include a participatory process. The open design and flexibility of the local(in) tool allow its implementation in different contexts and scales in which you may want to include a participatory process.

The application is open source, designed and developed by Ecosistema Urbano and then released under GNU GPL license. It has support for translation.

What can you use it for?

  • In physical interventions, such as in urban areas or public buildings, as a tool that helps define the project and integrate it into their socio-urban context.
  • Tracking quality and customer satisfaction in different areas and projects.
  • As a way of identifying opportunities or problems in urban and territory in general.

With local(in) you can achieve: direct civic expression / instant visibility / public interaction / social contextualization of projects / citizen feedback / comments or answers to your interests / identifying needs, aspirations and opportunities / optimization of processes and resources / dinamize social environments / generating links and creating communities / promoting collective creativity / …

What can you do with it?

The application is open source. It has been designed and developed by Ecosistema Urbano and then released under GNU GPL license, which means that:

  • You can download, install and use it freely for developing your own projects.
  • You can study how it’s done and modify it to suit your needs.
  • You can copy and distribute it freely.
  • You can improve it and publish those improvements under the same terms of license to benefit the entire community.

Get the source code on GitHub

What else do we offer?

Although the tool is fully functional and easy to install and use, at Ecosistema Urbano we have the experience and resources needed in order to provide you with a range of additional services:

  • Technical assistance for installation and launching: If you need help with installation we can give you advice or do it for you.
  • Modification and adaptation of the application: You decide whether to add, remove or change something in the tool to adapt it to your needs, and we will help you implement it.
  • Development of a custom application: If you have a completely different idea of how you want your web application to be, we’ll design it for you, even from scratch.
  • Integral or modular project development: If you want to perform a more complex participatory project related to the use of this tool (participation and collective creativity workshops, creation of broadcasting channels and user communities, proposals over the physical implementation of the results…), we can offer, in addition to the above services, the knowledge, tools and methods needed to successfully develop in all its phases.

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