Premios + Reconocimientos

2022: Taipei Gold Award Golden Prize for Public Space Design for CLOUDROOM. Taipei City, Tawain.
2020: J.Irwin and Xenia S. Miller Prize by Exhibit Columbus and the Landmark Columbus Foundation
2020: Finalist. Rebuild Advanced Architecture Award. Zennio Technological Innovation Award, Barcelona
2018: Third Prize. DER ANDERE PARK. Urban design and landscape competition. Heidelberg, Germany
2017: First Prize. Premio de Arquitectura Española Internacional 2017. Urbanismo. CSCAE.
2017: Curry Stone Design Prize. Can Design Reclaim Public Space?
2017: First Prize Int. Competition. New waterfront and Banyan Garage for West Palm Beach, Florida.
2016: Finalist GUANGZHOU Award for URBAN INNOVATION. Master Plan Asuncion, Paraguay. China. 
2016: Finalist Shore to Core. Urban Regeneration competition. West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
2016: CUENCA RED: Mention. RI.U.SO. 05 Award – Rigenerazione Urbana Sostenibile, CNAPPC, Italia.
2016: CUENCA RED: Finalist 2016 Taipei International Design Award Public Space Design Category
2014: DREAMHAMAR awarded as BEST PRACTICE by the United Nations-HABITAT program 2014
2014: First Prize. Strategy for the future of the Voronezh Reservoir, Russia.
2014: First Prize. Master Plan for the rehabilitation of the historic downtown of Asunción, Paraguay.
2014: Shortlisted for the competition: Strategy for the future of the Voronezh Reservoir, Russia.
2014: Commendation. Ibero-American Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism. Book: Dreamhamar
2014: 4th Prize. Réaménagement du bord de mer – Libreville, République Gabonaise.
2013: Commendation at the International Competition Get a bike Oslo!
2013: Finalist Bienal Española de Arquitectura y Urbanismo. Dreamhamar, Hamar Norway.
2012: First Prize. Competition for the Reggio Children School, Reggio Emilia, Italy
2012: First Prize. Albertslund Syd housing renovation, Copenhagen (in collaboration with Vandkunsten)
2012: Shortlisted. International Competition for the relocation of the historic centre of Kiruna, Sweden
2011: 1st Prize for the International Competition for Hamar Square, Hamar, Norway
2011: 1st Prize Competition The city of the new technologies for Gran Via commonsMadrid, Spain.
2011: SEMIFINALIST. Buckminster Fuller Challenge, USA
2010: Short listed for the International Competition for Hamar Square, Hamar, Norway
2010: Commendation for International Competition Ottopark, Berlin
2010: Prize winning for the construction of an Unconventional Playground in Dordrecht, Netherlands
2009: Third Prize for Madrid German College working with Sauerbruch&Hutton
2009: Silver Award EUROPE from the Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction
2008: First Prize Arquia/Proxima 2008. Ecobulevar de Vallecas. Fund. Caja de Arquitectos. Spain
2008: 2nd Prize ARI Pez-Luna urban design. Madrid
2008: 2nd Prize MATADERO Plaza in Madrid
2008: 2nd Prize EUROPAN 9 competition for young architects. Linz, Austria
2007: 1st Prize Competition for the Regional Pavilion (Galicia) in EXPO2008 ZGZ
2007: 2nd phase “Rimesse in gioco/Depositi di idee“ in Roma
2007: Honourable Mention.Intermediae Experimental art center  in Madrid
2006: 1st Prize European EUROPAN 8 competition for young architects. Maribor, Slovenia
2006: 2nd Prize Int. Competition Urban regeneration of downtown Philadelphia. URBAN VOIDS
2006: Honourable mention. Ideas competition for Exhibition Space. Architects Association of Madrid.
2005: European Acknowledgement Award from the Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction
2005: Third Prize Ideas competition for High School IES SON FANGOS in Manacor, Mallorca
2004: 1st Prize. Ecoboulevard of Vallecas. Pilot project of the EU.
2004: Honourable Mention EUROPAN 7 competition young architects. Prague, Czech Republic.
2001: Honourable Mention EUROPAN 6 competition young architects. Bilbao, Spain.
2003: Finalist, Social housing ideas Competition. Generalitat of Catalunya + Coac. Bcn, Spain.
2003: Finalist, Social housing ideas Competition. Emvs+ Coam. Madrid, Spain.
2000: Honourable mention Competition for young architects. Housing for the young, promoted by EPSA
2000: 2nd Prize Int. Competition 3 esquinas de La Habana for social housing. Habana Vieja, Cuba.
2000: Commendation. Int. Compet. 3 esquinas de La Habana for social housing. Habana Centro, Cuba.
2000: Honourable Mention. Competition for the refurbishment of an old Flour Factory in Albacete, Spain
2000: 2nd Prize. Andén 2000 Design new furniture AVE train stations. Fund. Ferrocarriles Esp. Spain.
2000: 1st Prize. Design Competition for Roca interiors.

Premios de proyectos construidos

2014: Dreamhamar awarded as BEST PRACTICE by the United Nations-HABITAT programme 20142013: Silver Award Public Space 2013 Taipei International Design Award. Dordrecht energy carousel
2013: Second Prize. Mediterranean Sustainable Architecture 2013. Plaza Ecópolis.
2013: Sustainable construction Prize Castilla y León. Plaza Ecópolis
2013: Plaza Ecopólis as BEST PRACTICE by the United Nations-HABITAT program
2008: Ecobulevar awarded as a GOOD PRACTICE by the United Nations-HABITAT program
2008: Honourable Mention. Ecobulevar urban project. ASPRIMA (Real Estate Association of Madrid)
2007: AR AWARD as Emerging architect in London. Ecobulevar project.
2007: selected for the European Mies Van der Rohe Award as ‘Emergent Architect’.
2007: selected for Zumtobel award 2007 for Humanity and Sustainability in Arch. and Built Environment.
2006: First Prize. Madrid’s Enor Architecture Prize 2005, EcoBulevar urban project. Spain.
2006: First prize FORESTALIA award for sustainable construction with wood materials in Galicia Region
2006: Honourable Mention. XX Premios de Urb., Arq. y Obra Pública. Ecobulevar. City of Madrid.
2006: Mention by “Architectural Association & EES’s ENvironmental Techtonics Competition” in London
2006: Honourable Mention for the Ecobulevar project at the ITC Tubular
2006: Commendation. XVIII Premio Asturias de Arquitectura. COAA. Oviedo, Spain.

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