Prompted by the constant growth that the Ecosistema Urbano team has experienced during the last years, the project takes advantage of the availability of a contiguous floor in the very same building to extend and improve the firm’s offices in Madrid.

The intervention consists in the complete refurbishment of the first floor to accommodate the new main working space and in the improvement of the existing areas in the ground floor and in the basement.

The project aims to create comfortable and diverse spaces on the three floors to accommodate a creative team that is constantly working on different international projects at the same time and needs flexible spaces for meetings, videoconferences, model making and team working among other things.

The refurbishment of the first floor valorizes the traditional mixed wood and brick structure of the building generating a luminous and airy working space on the main façade side and three meeting rooms around the central patio.

The old main area in the basement is converted into a flexible space that can be used to have creative meetings and foster interaction and socialization, or arranged for daily lunches, presentations, workshops, or any other activity that requires a large open space. 


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