Client: Van Alen Institute NY and the Municipality of Philadelphia
Date: 2006-2008
Status: Concept Design
Program: Strategy to regenerate 40,000 urban voids in downtown Philadelphia
Scope: Ecosistema urbano’s proposal is within the 5 finalist teams among more than 200 proposals from worldwide teams

Ecosistema Urbano believes that the revitalization of urban life is not obtained merely by architecture alone, but by focusing on solutions which encompass all aspects of the city system. Regenerating the networks of social, environmental, and physical elements plants the seed for flourishing, liveable urban communities.

The ecological reconfiguration of Philadelphia uses the city’s strong history of citizen participation to develop a sustainable and economically-viable landscape. The proposal intends to generate the strategical mechanisms as a starting point for the self-reparation of the urban tissue.

Urban strategy, Ecological Reconfiguration of an urban center, Philadelphia by Ecosistema Urbano, USA

Strategical concepts:

  1. Ecological-corridors: Intervention strategy based on the concentration of budget and effort on a structural-line of program and activity.
  2. New-ecological-mobility: A new-generation of ecological-vehicles (technologized-velo-taxis, bicycles…) will be used through the ecological-corridors.
  3. Urban-catalysts: Light and dismantable structure works as a dynamizer-focus. Strategically placed in areas with a high percentage of urban-voids, at time-distance linked to the new-ecological-mobility-plan.

Animation, What if Philadelphia by Ecosistema Urbano, USA


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