Hybrid Architecture, CMT CANARIAS by Ecosistema Urbano



Client: AEMET
Date: 2005
Status: In progress
Program: Office building and refurbishment of an existing building and garden.
Scope: Design, energy efficiency strategy, and construction document.

Given the height difference between the site and the surrounding streets, the project aims to be embedded and integrated without generating visual impact or contrast with the existing XIX Century building.

This semi-buried implantation improves its climatic performance through the thermal inertia provided by the soil. The building is naturally integrated into the site and therefore enhances the natural beauty of the garden and of the existing building.

The south façade incorporates a greenery system in order to protect and improve the thermal conditions of this facade in the summer months. The green filter follows the road alignment whereas the curtain wall of the building behind it is set back, creating a buffer area which functions climatically.

The ‘filter’ extends up and over the terrace creating a green canopy where vegetation grows.

The rooftop is conceived as a public space for people to gather and socialize surrounded by native plant species, attached to the green canopy, and creating a favorable microclimate for space.



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